Friday, 11 December 2009

Fat Lava on TV

Tipped off by a good friend who knows how I like to spot things I'm interested in on TV, I watched a couple of episodes of the very amusing new BBC Two comedy 'Miranda' last night. And sure enough, the Fat Lava vases I was promised were there.
The series details the haphazard and hilarious life of Miranda, a 34 year old singleton who runs a joke and junk shop in leafy Surrey. And it's not just her shop that's filled with vintage gems - all the sets, including the restaurant next door, are bag up-to-date with a very contemporary mix of antique, vintage, retro and modern.

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floh-jo said...

Hi Mark,
Hope you doing fine! For your info:
Yesterday evening I was watching the Movie "The Dear Hunter" on Dutch TV. In the last 40 minutes of the movie I saw 2 rare lamp bases in the room of the house in that movie (Robert di Niro who played Michael visit the house of his maid played by Maryl Streep) Think one of the lampbase is possibly a Bay-keramik. Big hugh Carina Poleon/ floh-jo