Tuesday, 20 March 2007

A load of old bull!

It's often amazing what crops up on eBay.de. Earlier this month I found a rather superb Ruscha bull, in the desirable 'Vulcano' glaze. According to Petra & Patrick Folkersma of Outernational, Ruscha made a small number of animals in the 1960s, including an elephant which was the earliest example made. The bull was made in four sizes, and this is the second largest at just over 12.5in (32cm) in length. They are known in a number of glazes produced by the company, but 'Vulcano' is one of the most desirable. All I can say is that if you see one, buy it! They were pretty expensive at the time, and not as useable as a vase. As a result, comparatively few were sold, and very few of these survived due to their fragility. They are moulded in one part, and the protruding horns in particular are very susceptible to damage. Furthermore, as the mould was one piece and complex in form, the liquid clay is often very thin in areas, so the slightest knock can create a hole. Think of an Easter egg! Outernational sell these very rare pieces in a white glaze for over $200, but I think that they have a long way to go value wise. They also break up the monotony of vases and bowls, and look rather magnificent on display. They also follow in the tradition of 'postwar bulls', as a number of potteries across Europe and the UK made stylised examples. Anyway, here he is - sorry if my excitement meant that my camera work is a little shakey!

Monday, 12 March 2007

Mdina on the move...

For those of you who treat buying antiques and collectables somewhat like the stock market, here's something you will be interested in. Today, a large Mdina 'Fish' vase designed by Michael Harris, and also signed by him, sold for a staggering £1,564 on eBay.de! A couple of years ago, this would have probably fetched around £200, and the rise clearly shows the increasing recognition being paid to Harris and his work. Those of you who have read my book will know how rare large 'Fish' vases are, particularly those from the period when Harris ran the company. To find an example that is signed by him is even rarer! I think that the lucky buyer, whoever they are, owns a real treasure of 20thC studio glass. I also think that this is indicative of the price rises that lie ahead as more people reassess his contribution and start to collect. Do we rate this area as a strong BUY? If we do, get in early - you have been warned!