Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fat Lava at Bygone Times

I've just got back from the fantastic Bygone Times, in Eccleston, near Chorley in Lancashire. This really is one of my favourite places in the entire country to visit. Two truly enormous warehouses literally crammed with everything from Georgian to modern await you - with prices from as little as a pound or two. The centre is best for vintage, retro and antique ceramics, glass and homewares, although you'll find a fair few bits of furniture to tempt as well.
What a surprise to find, on this visit, a new (to me, anyway) stand literally filled with fabulous Fat Lava! I was lucky enough to be able to meet the owner, Stuart, who is a real fount of knowledge and a true enthusiast. Prices are very competitive, especially when you consider postage and packing costs when buying online. As well as offering a huge selection of standard sized vases by makers including Ceramano, Carstens, Scheurich, Bay and Ruscha, there's a great selection of whopping floor vases that are becoming harder to find undamaged condition today.
I couldn't help but buy a few (well, seven) pieces to add to my collection, which I am delighted with. If you visit Bygone Times, even if Fat Lava isn't your thing, I challenge you to leave empty handed!


Cinna said...

Hi Mark!
I would like to visit that shop!!!
We don´t have any in Sweden but I would love to have my own with my´s just a dream!

When i was sick last week I started my own blog TUSEN VASER (Thousand vases)I have a picture from your book, a friend bought it to me in London. Unfortunately, I´m not a good fotographer, the pictures are not so sharp...

Best regards Cinna from Stockholm

Anonymous said...

The owner of this shop got in contact with me on my own blog, but I've not yet managed to get up there to see him. Seeing this makes me think I HAVE to get up there now! What a fantastic, amazing array of pots. I don't know where to look first...

Anonymous said...

Been today, and yes, it's truly amazing! I bought two pots and loved speaking to Stuart. Just wish I could remember half of what he told me...

trishhunterfinds said...

Hi Mark!! Fantastic post and a fantastic blog! I've just started a German Pottery Fat lava collection down here in Australia. I've spent years collecting well... everything retro and needed to stop and stick to one thing so decided on lava vases.
I'm loving it.
Stumbled across your blog doing the research!
Thanks for great inspiration! I'll be following your blog :)

If you're interested my blog and retro shop is where you can see my small collection of west german pottery :)

Have a lovely day!

Miss Oliver said...


I love Bygone Times it is one of my favourite places too. I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot as part of my university project and used some of the fantastic furniture and vintage clothing too.

I have just recently moved from Preston back to Newcastle as I have finished my studies and this is going to be the place I miss the most! But I am sure I wont be able to stay away for long!

- Laura E Oliver