Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Names we like...

Every now and again in Miller's Towers, we come across names that make us smile in the course of researching our books. Here're some we've found recently:
  • May Doorbar, Charlotte Rhead’s housekeeper.
  • Gwendoline Suckling, decorator at Poole Pottery from 1935-39.
  • Thelma Bush, decorator at Poole Pottery, from 1966-68.
  • Fuller Pilch, cricket batsman, known for his ‘Pilch’s Poke’ forward-batting play.
  • Orval Overall, Chicago cubs pitcher, 1905-10.
My favourite has to be May Doorbar - that name paints a certain picture in my mind as a housekeeper! If you have any others, please do share.

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